Demensky Dmitry

In web development since 2013.

Key technologies I work with:

Pet Projects




2019.12 – 2022.02.

Development of Twitch extensions, Admin pages and websites. Working with JSON-RPC like protocol over WebSocket. Using a mono-repository, isomorphic and strictly type-safe code.


2018.10 — 2019.01.

Improvement of the online store.


2018.08 — 2018.09.

Admin panel in which you can see detailed statistics about the service provided.


2016.12 — 2018.07.

Development of UI libraries using Angular framework which includes components and directives intended to be used by developers from the related teams.

All components were developed using the OnPush strategy and immutable data. <ng-template> was actively used to customize components, which eliminated the need to create similar components with the same functionality, but different content.


2013.09 — 2016.11.

Unit tests for server API

Writing tests to verify the server API. First time using TypeScript for non-personal purposes, it got rid of typos and reduced debugging sessions.

Admin panel for platform module

Page embedded through iframe in other platforms. It allowed to automate the work of site owners with social networks. First introduced to observables (not rxjs).

Layout/improvement of sites on a ready-made platform

The platform options were: Dex Media (EasySiteWizard), CM4all and sometimes just static sites.